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Bicycle courier – BRATISLAVA 90

Green Express is a professional and at the same time economical and environmentally friendly courier offering service in Bratislava and its surroundings. It is possible to pay bya credit card VISA, Maestro, Mastercard in any amount of money and free of charge. 

Cycling transport is one of the most ecological means of transport and nowadays it is experiencing huge growth. Thanks to the absence of conventional fuels it doesn´t pollute the environment. Using the services of green express cycling courier you will send a visible message to your partners that you really care about protection of our environment. 

Fast, accurate and reliable
Our cycling couriers will deliver your consignment safely and directly from sender to addressee not later then 90 minutes after pickup or at the exact time that you choose in advance. For example, if you request that your consignment arrives at destination exactly at 12:00, just give this information to our operator in advance. You will by automatically informed about delivery of your consignment by e-mail or telephone.

We are able to deliver any document, parcel or present which weighs up to 15 kg with dimensions of  50x35x15 cm. All the time your package is kept safely in a special waterproof 30 litre backpack in any kind of weather.

A flexible cycling courier can move easily and quickly to places such as the city centre and pedestrian zones that are difficult to access for motorists.

Wasily accessible 
You can order this easily accessible service by telephone at 0948 033 898, or by e-mail. The order also includes the order form and shipping document which you can print directly in your home to avoid filling it by hand.

The service BRATISLAVA 90 is more budget-priced than ordinary courier services.  Our price list is HERE. Payment can be made by credit card VISA, MAESTRO, Mastercard or in cash. It is possible to pay a monthly invoice for registered customers.

Possibilities of using services

  • Purchase and delivery of gifts, flowers and other goods.
  • Immediate delivery of contracts to sign and return it back.
  • Delivery of tickets purchased for example in Ticketportal.
  • Fast delivery of forgotten things, cell phones, keys, laptops.
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